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Where can I buy Optimeal® products?

All our products are sold at local pet stores. Find a pet store near you with our Store Locator. Our products are also available at online retailers like Amazon.com and Chewy.com.

Can I buy Optimeal® products in Canada?

Not at this time.

Can I buy Optimeal® products in Mexico?

Not at this time.

In which countries can I buy Optimeal® products?

You can buy Optimeal® products in the USA and multiple countries in Europe. However, we are gradually growing and adding more countries to the list.

You don’t have any retailers in my area. How can I find a nearby retailer?

We apologize that you are unable to find a conveniently located retailer in your area. Our retail network is continually growing; so we would suggest that you check back frequently on our website’s retailer locator to see if there are any new stores that offer Optimeal® in your area. Optimeal® cat and dog food is available online at Amazon.com and Chewy.com.

I am a pet food retailer. How can I order Optimeal® cat/dog food to sell in my store?

Contact us by filling out our retailer form.

I am a breeder. How can I order Optimeal® cat/dog food?

Contact us by filling out our breeder form.

Our organization has an upcoming event. Can we get a donation?

Contact us by filling out our form for organizations.


Where is your food manufactured?

Optimeal® dry and wet cat and dog food is made in Ukraine. Optimeal® products are manufactured by the family-owned company Kormotech in two plants. These plants are located only 18 miles away from the Poland border, In the Lviv region (Prylbychi village).

Who owns your company?

Kormotech is a family-owned company. Our CEO is Rostyslav Vovk. Please visit kormotech.com to learn more

Where are your headquarters located?

In Lviv, Ukraine. We also have branches in Kyiv (Ukraine), Kedainiai (Lithuania) and New York (USA).

Who produces Optimeal® products?

Optimeal® is a super-premium, european brand of pet food produced by the family-owned company Kormotech. Kormotech is #5 in the world in terms of growth in 2020, and #61 in the world in terms of size according to the “Top 101 Pet Food Companies” 2020 data (in the PETFOOD Industry Magazine June 2021 edition). Kormotech exports pet food to more than 37 countries.

Where are your US headquarters located?

Kormotech LLC

99 Hudson Str, 5th Floor

New York, NY 10013

What is the difference between Optimeal® and other pet food products?

Why Optimeal?

• We offer natural diets with functional benefits, backed by the latest European nutritional science

• Our food contains meat, poultry or fish first recipes

• We offer an abundance of vegetables, herbs and berries, selected for optimally balanced nutrition

• Our products are developed by scientists and approved by veterinarians

• We have NO GMO ingredients, chicken (poultry) by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors in our food

• Our products are enriched with Omegas and prebiotics

• All of our products meet European quality standards

• We offer a unique, premium packaging including handles, resealable pouches and travel/trial size carton tubes

How long has Optimeal® been on the market and how has Optimeal® grown?

Kormotech was established in 2003 and now exports dry and wet pet food products to 37 countries. The Optimeal® brand has been distributing its products in the European market since 2013 and entered the American market in 2021. Kormotech has two dry and wet pet food production plants in Ukraine. One wet pet food plant is in Lithuania.

What quality certificates does the Optimeal® brand have?


Does the Optimeal® (Kormotech) factory follow safety standards?

Yes, we do. The Kormotech factory has implemented all health and safety standards, including all the requirements of the ISO 45001: 2018 standard

As for feed safety, we have received certification from the food safety system 22000 FSSC 22000 certification scheme for food safety systems, in particular: ISO 22000: 2018

ISO TS 22002-1: 2009 food safety prerequisites

Part 1: food production

And Annex FSSC 22000 requirements V5.1


Where do you source your ingredients from?

The ingredients used for our products are mainly sourced from Ukraine. Some of the ingredients are from France, New Zealand, Germany and Poland. We do not source ingredients from China.

Do Optimeal® feeds consist of natural ingredients?

All Optimeal® products consist of natural ingredients and protein sources for cats and dogs, with added vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Do you use novel proteins in your food?

We use protein sources that have been tested for quality, source and form—including palatability and digestibility testing with animal panels. Novel protein is at the stage of research and development and, as soon as we get the results confirming their benefits, we will introduce them into our pet food.

Do you use organ meat (i.e., heart, liver, muscle and bone)?

Our diets contain organ meat such as pork liver, beef liver, beef heart, beef lungs and muscle tissue because organ meat is more nutrient dense than other types of meat. Organs are nature’s multivitamin. They are rich in protein and amino acids that help strengthen and maintain your pet’s muscles. They are particularly rich in B-vitamins, such as vitamin B12 and folate, along with choline. They are also rich in minerals, including iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc, as well as important fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E and K

What is the difference between jelly, gravy and sauce?

The difference between jelly, gravy and sauce is their consistency. Jelly is thicker, while sauces are more like broth.

Do any of your ingredients come from China?

We don’t use any ingredients or packaging from China.

Are your products human-grade?

Our company uses ingredients that meet quality and safety standards according to:

EU: REGULATION (EC) No 183/2005 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, REGULATION (EC) No 178/2002 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, REGULATION (EC) No 767/2009 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, Regulation (EC) No 1830/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 September 2003, Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 September 2003


Ukraine: Law of Ukraine "On Food Safety and Hygiene"

In accordance with the standard FSSC 22000 (Certification n 20210015F / 1).

We use raw materials for production only from approved suppliers who have passed the approval procedure. All deliveries are controlled in relation to quality standards and are confirmed by quality and safety certificates, meet the requirements of the US (AAFCO), the EU (the above Regulations) and Ukraine in the field of feed production. Our products are manufactured without GMOs, as evidenced by the test reports of accredited laboratories.

While our products are produced using raw materials that are in accordance with EU and US requirements intended for the production of pet food, they are not human grade.

Why do you use vitamin supplements in your recipes?

Our products are based on natural, raw materials that contain nutrients that may only be present in marginal amounts if the feed consists of only natural ingredients. However, because our products are designed to meet the individual needs of cats and dogs (including special functions), we additionally supplement the products with selected minerals, vitamins, other nutrients and supplements that help to provide higher, more optimal levels of beneficial nutrients.


Are your recipes nutritionally complete and balanced?

All Optimeal®recipes are complete and balanced.

Do I need to supplement my pet's diet with anything else?

Optimeal® products are formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition for various stages of your pet's life. We recommend that you do not add vitamins, minerals or any other supplements, except when advised to do so by a veterinarian.

Who formulates Optimeal® recipes?

All Optimeal® diets are developed by a cross-functional R & D team, including our Team Lead, Nutritionists, Vets, R & D Technologist, R & D Scientist and Trend Watcher. Through the contribution of each team member and their cooperation, we are able to successfully produce our outstanding products.

Does Optimeal® dry food contain chicken/poultry by-product meals?

Optimeal® dry pet food contains no chicken (or poultry) by-product meals. What's more, we do not use corn, wheat or soy in any of our recipes.

When your label says, “No Chicken/Poultry By-Product Meals,” does it mean there’s no chicken in the recipe?

No, it means there are no chicken by-product meals and no poultry by-product meals. When there is no chicken or chicken meal in our recipes, we say, “Contains No Chicken” or “Chicken-Free.”

Are Optimeal® pet foods non-GMO?

All our dry and wetproducts are non-GMO.

Does Optimeal® pet food have artificial colors?

All our dry and wet products don't contain artificial colors.

Why do Optimeal® products have kibbles of different sizes and forms?

At Optimeal®, we know that each pet has their unique taste and food preferences—just like people. That is why each Optimeal® product has different shapes and sizes of kibble. For example, we know that toy breeds need small kibble to enjoy their meals. Cats are picky eaters, and their food preferences may vary. For cats, not just the protein source is important—but also the size and shape of kibble. Kibble size, shape and color may differ a little between the different lot numbers (product manufacturing dates), because we use only natural ingredients, and we don’t use any colorants or stabilizers.

Why is it so important that there is no corn, wheat or soy in Optimeal® products?

Corn, wheat and soy have all been identified as potential allergens for some dogs and cats.

Does Optimeal® offer any products that are grain-free?

Yes, Optimeal ® offers dry and wet grain-free linesfor Dogs and grain-free linesfor Cats.

Does Optimeal® offer any products for pets that require skin & digestive support?

Yes,Optimeal®offers products with skin & digestive support for Dog sand Cats.

How can you be sure that the Optimeal® products are safe for pets?

All Optimeal® product recipes are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food/Cat Food according to their nutritional profile. We use our European expertise to produce dog and cat food that is beyond expectations for a kibble.

How many pouches of wet food come in a box?

Retailers (local pet stores) sell packs containing 4 pouches (3 oz each). On Amazon and Chewy you can buy a box that contains 6 packs (with 4 pouches each), which means 24 pouch packs (3 oz each).

Storage conditions:

• We ask that you pay extra attention to your storage of bags of Optimeal® brand wet and dry pet food that are equipped with special openings for air circulation. Recommended product storage conditions: optimum storage temperature is 5 - 25 °C and humidity is no more than 75%, without direct sunlight impact.

• Optimeal® wet pet food packages are airtight, so any mechanical impact can lead to damage or microcracks—resulting in air ingress, product damage and odor. Recommended storage conditions for the product: optimal storage temperature is 6 - 30 ° C, without exposure to direct sunlight. Violation of storage conditions can adversely affect the quality of the product.

Immunity Support

What is immunity in pets?

Our pets’ immune systems are a complex network of highly specialized tissues, organs, cells and hormones. Just like humans, your pet’s health depends on the health of their immune system. In fact, your pet needs many of the same nutrients you do.

What makes your immunity support better than other pet foods?

AllOptimeal®products contain a complex to support immunity. It consists of a combination of vitamins A, CandE, as well asminerals Zinc and Selenium. All the ingredients in Optimeal productsare of natural origin.

Why did you include immunity support in your food?

Including a complex of natural antioxidants such as extract of rosemary, berries (blueberries and redberries) and herbs prevent the degradation and early aging of cells. It also helps to stimulate the protective functions of your pet’s body and bolsters their immune system.

Our complex:

*Provides better nutritional value

*Protects hair from harmful environmental effects

*Prevents degradation and early aging of cells

*Stimulates protective functions of the body, including the immune system

How does immunity support benefit my pet?

The key to a long and happy life of an animal is its health—the basis of which is nutrition. But every day the animal's body is exposed to external factors. For example, walking outdoors or meeting other pets can lead to foreign viruses or bacteria in the body. It is the strong immunity of the pet that saves it from the negative consequences of such exposure and maintains the health of the pet.

What is the immunity support in your food?

Optimeal® products support the immune system through the use of antioxidants such as vitamin E and C, plus other nutrients that help support the health of the immune system. These include vitamin A, Zinc and Selenium. Optimeal® provides the entire spectrum of nutritional support required to keep your pet’s immune system strong.


Once the food is in my pet’s dish, how long can it safely stay out at room temperature if my pet does not consume all of it immediately? If there is food remaining in the dish, should it be thrown out or refrigerated?

A bowl of dry food can be left out for up to 12 hours; wet for up to an hour. After that, throw it away. If your pet left wet food in a bowl, throw it away after 30 minutes. For wet foods, after opening keep the pouch in the fridge for a max of 48 hours. Always serve wet food at room temperature.

How do I transition my pet to Optimeal pet food?

Dog or cat food must be gradually introduced into your pet’s meals (at least during the first 11 days). Provide free access to fresh, clean water for your dog or cat. The requirements of individual pets may vary due to age, breed, environment, and activity level. Watch your pet's weight and adjust food amounts accordingly. Ask your veterinarian if you are unsure.

Transitioning to Optimeal

During the first 11 days, every 3 days increase the portion of the new food by 25% until the transition to the new food is completed (as shown in the picture below).

How much should I feed my pet?

Recommendations for feeding your pet can be found on the back of the package, on our official website (on the page of your chosen product) or on online stores. If you are unsure, ask your veterinarian.

Can I mix dry and wet food?

Dry pet food is convenient, and many pets love the crunch of kibble. Feeding your pet a healthy, complete and balanced dry food can be made even better by adding some wet food into the mix.

Wet foods are very palatable and add much-needed moisture. But remember all of our dry and wet food recipes are complete and balanced.


Are Optimeal bags safe?

Yes. Our packaging is made to the same standards as human-food and must pass the same regulatory measures as human-food packaging.

What is a cardboard tube?

Cardboard tube packaging is small in size and comes in handy for traveling or urban living. It’s easy to scoop and store cardboard tubes. Dry food in cardboard tube has a protected barrier to keep kibble fresh.

Available in Cat and Small-Breed Dog products.

Is your packaging BPA-free?

Yes,our packaging is BPA-free.