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Complete & Balanced Box

The Cat's Petnership™ Box.
Cats Are More Than Pets, They're Our Partners! Our box is a testament to our commitment to our feline friends. It includes high-quality dry cat food for a healthy diet, gourmet wet cat food for their discerning tastes, a playful toy for their enjoyment, and a convenient feeding dish. With Petnership™ Box, we are not just caring for our cats but also strengthening the bond with our cherished partners.
MSRP $49.99


The Petnership™ box includes both dry and wet cat food, ensuring that your feline friend.

Everything your cat needs is conveniently packed in one box.

Our box includes a playful toy that provides entertainment and encourages physical activity.

The Optimeal goes the extra mile by including a dedicated feeding dish, ensuring that your cat can enjoy their food.