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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

By Optimeal Team


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the greatest civil rights leaders of our time. His struggle for equal rights for those in the black community was monumental, and he has left a lasting legacy.

While Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t directly involved in the fight for animal rights, his family members were vocal advocates for the ethical treatment of animals. Both Coretta Scott King and her son Dexter Scott King adopted a vegan lifestyle due to their love of animals of all kinds.

Our team believes in the core principles Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for—equal rights, nonviolent advocacy for social change, and the dignity of all people. We celebrate this holiday with great reverence for the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and not only what he accomplished, but what he taught us about compassion, integrity, and courage.

Join us in celebrating this great man on his day of remembrance, and reflecting on all of the nonviolent movements for the rights of both people and animals that his work inspired.

As always, our team is thankful for all of your support. We hope your furry friends, family, and you all have a wonderful Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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