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Olesya Shmorhun, DV

Olesya Shmorhun, a veterinary doctor, graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Ukrainian National Agricultural University, acquired her education, and completed her training within the Alden-veterinary clinic. With over 20 years of experience, she has become a highly skilled professional in animal care and treatment, also gaining valuable experience through collaborations with prominent European brands in thepet food industry, enhancing her expertise in pet nutrition and well-being.
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13 Most Playful Cat Breeds: What You Need To Know

By Bridget Reed / Medical Reviewed by Olesya Shmorhun, DV


Just like humans, every feline has a distinct personality. That said, certain breeds are known for possessing different traits. For many pet parents, a cat is a perfect companion because they are low-maintenance and independent. 

Although cats usually sleep around 15 hours daily, certain breeds are known to be more active and playful. These cats may love playing with toys or enjoy exploring the area around your house. 

If you’re looking for a feline with a little more energy and an adventurous side, check out this list of the ten most playful cat breeds. 

Maine Coon

You may be most familiar with the striking appearance of Maine Coon cats. They are one of the largest cat breeds and can weigh over 20 pounds. Despite their regal look, Maine Coone cats are friendly and active. They will follow you around the house as you go about your daily routine and may even gently head butt you to get your attention.

These cats are known to be intelligent and friendly. If you decide to adopt a Maine Coon, you may even be able to train your furry friend to enjoy walks on a leash. Maine Coons are also some of the only cats known to enjoy the water. 

If there’s a water source near your house and you allow your Maine Coon cat outside, you may see them splashing around in summer!


On the other end of the body size scale from Maine Coon cats are Munchkin cats. These felines are named for their small body and short legs. Often, Munchkins do not grow taller than eight inches. However, despite their compact body, they are fast and curious. 

Munchkins make fantastic family cats because they are friendly and playful. You may find your Munchkin cat jumping around the furniture in your house. Usually, Munchkins get along well with other furry friends and children. 


If you are looking for a silly, energetic cat, the Abyssinian may be perfect. This cat closely resembles wild cats due to its tickled coat and has the personality to match. Abyssinians love to learn tricks and will likely show off their hunting skills around your house, so don’t be surprised if they pounce on you out of nowhere. 

These cats are not known for being lap cats because they like to be constantly on the move. If you want a high-energy, curious cat, they are the perfect breed for you and your family. You may want to have a few cat toys or food puzzles on hand to keep your Abyssinian entertained while you are out of the house. 


Another playful cat breed that you can spend hours playing with is the Bengal cat. These cats are a mix between a domestic house cat and an Asian Leopard cat. Given their wild ancestry, Bengal cats aren’t the type to spend hours lounging and purring at your feet. Instead, a Bengal cat will want to climb and explore. 

Bengals are friendly, agile, intelligent, and have a lot of energy. If you want a cat that will keep you on your toes, the Bengal is perfect for you. However, since Bengals are a mix of wild and domestic cats, they do not always get along well with other cats. 

If you have other furry friends at home, slowly introduce your Bengal kitten or consider a different breed if your cats are also territorial. 

Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail got their name from their most distinct feature: their short, stubby tail. The tail of the Japanese Bobtail looks more like a rabbit’s tail than a cat’s tail. However, their short tail doesn't stop the Japanese Bobtail from bouncing around. 

This ancient cat breed is friendly, energetic, and often referred to as the most playful cat breed. Japanese Bobtails love to play fetch, run and jump. These cats are extremely intelligent and will play with you in a similar manner to a dog. 

If you bring home a particularly energetic Japanese Bobtail, you may be able to train them to play sports like soccer with you and your family. 

Siberian Forest

Siberian cats, also known as Siberian Forest cats, are another ancient cat breed. Often considered the ancestors of all the long-haired cats we know and love today, Siberian Forest cats are also the national animal of Russia. 

Although they have long, fluffy coats, Siberian cats tend not to set off an allergic reaction in people who usually respond badly to cats. 

These cats are social, loyal, affectionate, and energetic. If you are looking for a furry friend that is both playful and cuddly, the Siberian Forest cat may be your ideal breed. Siberian Forests will be more than happy to spend the afternoon curled up on your lap, but they will also jump, climb, and run around your house. 

Since Siberians tend to get along well with other cats and children, they are often considered fantastic family cats. Some people also report that their Siberian Forest cats are extremely emotionally intelligent and can sense their parents’ moods. 

Devon Rex

Known for being particularly mischievous, the Devon Rex cat is another playful feline that will keep you on your toes. You can recognize a Devon Rex cat due to their extremely distinct appearance. Devon Rex cats have big ears, big eyes, and high cheekbones. 

They are known to be little troublemakers and certainly have an energetic spirit. If you bring a Devon Rex home, they will likely accompany you throughout your day as you do different tasks around the house. 

Even though they may occasionally interrupt your cleaning efforts, they will likely make you laugh and bring a smile to your face. 


Manx cats come from the Isle of Man and are known for their short tail. Some Manx cats have no tail at all. Aside from their tail, Manx cats can come in every color and pattern. They can be either short or long-haired and are considered social, playful, and tame. 

This cat breed is known for being slightly shy with strangers but extremely attached to their pet parents. Because they are so affectionate with their family, Manx cats are often compared to puppies. Manx cats may be the breed for you if you are looking for an energetic cat that is also very easy to train. You can train a Manx cat to learn tricks and play fetch. 

They may also make a perfect addition to your family because they enjoy riding in the car and are not as fearful of water as other types of cats. 


Unlike Manx cats which come in every shape and size, Siamese cats have a very distinctive appearance. They are known for their silky white fur and brown ears, paws, and face. Usually, Siamese cats have blue or light-colored eyes, which give them a particularly regal look. 

These cats originally came from Thailand but are now known worldwide. They are intelligent, outgoing, and mischievous. Siamese cats love human interaction and are particularly vocal cats. Your Siamese cat will likely want to play with you all the time and, if they’re not in the mood to play, will be lovingly pestering you for attention. 


If you like the appearance of the Siamese cat but want a furry friend with long hair, look no further than the Birman. This cuddly long-haired cat has a similar coloring pattern to Siamese cats. Although you likely won’t find your Birman cat running around your house, they are extremely playful and intelligent. 

If you have toys or games around your house, your Birman cat will likely spend hours playing with them. On average, these cats have a long life span and live 14 or 15 years. 

They tend to be territorial, so they are a better option for families without other felines. However, they will likely not become aggressive if other cats are introduced to their environment. 

Turkish Angora 

Although they are less well-known than Siamese cats, Turkish Angora cats are also known for being particularly playful. These cats are on the smaller side and are sometimes nicknamed the “ballerina cat” because they are graceful, agile, and love to perform. 

Originating in Turkey, this breed of cat was Europe’s first long-haired cat that loves to play, hunt, and climb. Their soft, silky coat makes them a favorite among children. Much like smaller dog breeds, Turkish Angoras sometimes bond with one family member more than others and tend to be particularly protective of that person. 

That said, Turkish Angoras are still fantastic family cats because they like to be involved in household activities. 

Cornish Rex

Another particularly playful cat breed is the Cornish Rex. The most distinctive feature of this cat is their almost hairless body. Given that they do not have long hair like other cats, the Cornish Rex likes to stay active to stay warm. 

However, Cornish Rex cats also like their downtime as well. 

The odds are that if you are relaxing on the couch or taking a nap, your Cornish Rex will curl up next to you and sleep alongside you. When they are feeling playful, they enjoy playing games of chase. They enjoy being held more than other cats, so they are good felines for families with children. 

Selkirk Rex

If you are looking for a furry friend with an attractive, unusual appearance, the Selkirk Rex is the breed for you. These cats often have a speckled or mottled fur pattern in their hair and usually have bright-colored eyes. They are friendly, lively cats who will try to expend energy by running around your house or climbing on the furniture. 

Unlike other breeds, the Selkirk Rex tends to play well with other cats. This breed is also known for being particularly healthy. They have a lifespan of anywhere from 10 to 12 years and do not normally experience severe health issues. 

How Many Different Cat Breeds Are There?

This list may have you wondering how many different cat breeds there are. The answer to this question depends on who you ask. For example, The International Cat Association recognizes 73 different types of cats. The largest American cat registration organization, The Cat Fanciers’ Association, only recognizes 45 different breeds. 

Although there is not one clear answer on how many cat breeds, there are undoubtedly several to choose from. That said, if you plan on being a pet parent, you should consider what kind of furry friend you want before adopting

If you are looking for an energetic cat that will play with your family and keep you entertained for hours, consider one of the breeds on this list. However, consider a different breed if you have a busy schedule and are looking for a more relaxed, cuddly cat. 


There are several different playful breeds you can choose from. Maybe you want to adopt a regal Maine Coon or a more wild-looking Bengal. Regardless of the type of breed you adopt, remember that every cat is different. 

Even if you are adopting a cat because they are known to be a more playful breed, you may still find that your furry friend is lower energy. 

If you rescue your furry friend, remember that whatever has happened to your cat before adoption will greatly affect their personality and energy levels. That said, the breeds on this list will likely keep you entertained and energetic. Just stock up on cat toys and puzzles before you bring them home.


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